Solar connections

Ausgrid supports the connection of small scale embedded generators including solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery systems to our network. About 100,000 of our customers have installed solar power systems across Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter.

Installing embedded generation helps our customers save on their electricity bills and support renewable energy.

Information for customers is provided on our website and through our general inquiries line on 13 13 65. Our technical advice line for electrical contractors working on customer connections is also open between 9am and 11am on weekdays. 

Ausgrid does not put a kW limit on the size of solar systems connected to our network. 

The size may be restricted by the space available on a property’s rooftop and the size of its connection. Single-phase connections can typically only support up to 100 amps of power, depending on the age of the installation and the size and condition of the electrical wiring to the property. Customers who wish to install larger solar systems can choose to increase the size of the connection. 

A solar installer or licensed electrician can advise on the right size for an individual property, and how to submit the appropriate connection application.

Installation of an import/export meter is a contestable service provided by an independent private electrical contractor known as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP). We advise customers to seek a number of quotes and ask their ASP to include the regulated meter and ancillary charges in their quote. These regulated charges are between $120 to $260 for the average domestic meter and a safety inspection fee ranging from $33 to $188, depending on the grade of the ASP. 

We welcome feedback from customers and stakeholders about whether this information meets their needs - you can also get in touch via