Permanently unmetered supply

Permanently unmetered supplies (PUMS) are provided for devices such as traffic lights and small telecommunications installations. They can also be provided for lighting public facilities in public places. They are only provided where the energy consumption can be accurately assessed without the need for a meter.

All unmetered supplies must comply with Section 5 of the Service and Installation Rules of NSW. Before you submit an application, you’ll need to provide details of each PUMS device to You'll need to meet the following load requirements:

  • Maximum of 10A single phase
  • Supplied from one Network Point of Common Coupling
  • Energy consumption that can be assessed without a meter

For each new PUMS installation you’ll need to submit a new application. It will help if you provide us with a site specific customer identifier when you submit your application. We’ll also need appropriate documentation detailing the electrical technical specifications for each device, when you apply to register the new PUMS devices. PUMS connections are neither basic nor standard and each connection needs to be negotiated.

To apply

The most appropriate form for these types of connections is our Connection Application Form - Residential and Small Commerical Connections. You can fill this out with our printable version, or Excel version.
Download the guide to help you fill out the form.

For further information please contact: