Laboratory accreditation

LCTS has laboratory accreditation both nationally (NATA) and internationally (ASTA).

NATA National Association of Testing Authorities

The world's first laboratory accreditation system was established by the Australian government during WWII to provide quality assurance in testing in defence industries. Subsequently NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) was established to provide a national laboratory accreditation system. Many countries now operate a similar system, often established with NATA's assistance. Since 1992 NATA accredited laboratories are required to operate a laboratory quality system in accordance with ISO 17025.

The Lane Cove Testing Station (LCTS) is accredited by NATA; Accreditation Number 62.

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 ASTAASTA Intertek

ASTA was founded in 1938 as the Association of Short-circuit Testing Authorities. Its original aim was to guarantee the validity of tests performed by switchgear manufacturers in their own test facilities.

It achieved this by:  

  • Training and appointing ASTA Observers who are personally responsible to ASTA for the correct conduct and reporting of tests 
  • Establishing rules for the conduct of tests and reporting of test results 
  • Establishing common interpretations of standards 
  • Taking central responsibility for checking and issuing test documentation 
  • Conducting regular checks on the capability and performance of accredited laboratories and ASTA observers

In 1986 ASTA was reconstituted under British law as ASTA Certification Services. In January 2004, ASTA and the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board (BEAB) merged to become ASTA BEAB Certification Services. It has since been purchased by Intertek and has now become ASTA Interetek.

Its current activities include accreditation of laboratories, product certification, issuing ASTA Certificates and Test Reports, and factory and laboratory quality system accreditations.

All ASTA-accredited laboratories operate a quality system in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and ASTA Publication 31.

The Lane Cove Testing Station (LCTS) is accredited by ASTA Intertek; Accreditation Number 5118.

The following document explains ASTA Intertek's view on LOVAG: