Business energy efficiency

Understand, improve and save

Understanding how your business uses energy - and identifying the measures you can take to reduce this usage - can lower your energy bills and lessen the environmental impact of your organisation.

Our energy efficiency booklet provides small to medium sized businesses with the information they need to better understand and manage their energy use and start saving today.  The booklet contains information on meters and pricing, business tariffs and energy efficiency tips for premises, appliances and equipment. 

 For further assistance on energy efficiency see below programs for businesses

  • The Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program includes individual energy assessments, personalised action plans and rebates for implementing measures to improve energy efficiency.
  • The Energy Saver Program provides subsidised energy audits and assistance for medium to large businesses in NSW to make the switch to greater energy efficiency.
  • The Sustainability Advantage Program is a support service that helps medium to large businesses and not-for-profit organisations better understand the measures they can take to contribute to better environmental practices. For more details, contact the Office of Environment and Heritage Business Partnerships on 02 8837 6000 or email