Be a fan of the fan this summer

October 2011

Remember the fan this summer to beat the heat without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ausgrid’s energy efficiency expert Paul Myors said fans are effective and should be your first plan of attack when trying to keep cool at home.

Fans can make it feel around three degrees cooler because air circulating around the room makes the human body feel cooler as moisture is evaporated from the skin.

Fans are generally cheap to buy and run, and there are many designs to help cool one room or the whole house.

Ceiling fans cost about two cents per hour to run, or as little as $6 over summer. In comparison air conditioners cost between 30 to 40 cents an hour and can increase your summer bill by more than $150.

Motorised whole house fans can be installed in the roof to help cool larger areas for about 6 cents an hour and can cut air conditioning running times by up to 90%. The fan draws air into the roof cavity via a shutter in the ceiling below and out through vents usually located under the eaves, creating cool airflow throughout your house.

Pedestal fans are great because you can move them to the room you’re using. They’re also the cheapest to buy, with prices starting at around $20.

Remember this is also the time of year to turn your ceiling fans on the summer forward rotation setting, which is the most efficient way to circulate the cool air around the room.

For more tips check out Ausgrid's summer cooling guide.

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