Switch off from work at home

April 2012

Working from home is convenient and can save you time but it pays to switch off regularly.

Ausgrid energy efficiency expert Paul Myors said computers, printers and modems are essential for any home office but running them all the time can add more than $100 a year to your electricity bill.

Try and group your home office equipment onto a single switch power board and turn them off when they’re not in use. For extra safety get one with a surge protector to help protect your equipment during storms.

One flick of a switch will save you money and the carbon emissions wasted by standby power.

While recent ABS data shows about 60% of Australian households own at least one laptop computer, 55% still own a desktop that can use more energy than laptops.

And if one desktop computer was left on for 20 hours a day unnecessarily, over a year it could add more than $100 to your energy bill and generate 850kg of CO2.

So it’s important to switch off when you’re done for the day. Most computers can also be set to automatically turn to sleep mode, which can reduce power use to just a few watts.

Interestingly, flat screen monitors are getting more efficient and some screens use about half the energy than those from several years ago.

So if you’re in the market for new home office equipment it’s worth looking at the most efficient models that suit your needs and budget.

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Home office laptop

Some laptops use up to three times less energy than some desktops.

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