New laws let nature dry your laundry

October 2010

A recent change to strata by-laws means people living in apartments can now use less energy by drying laundry on their balcony.

Ausgrid’s energy efficiency expert, Paul Myors said the Department of Fair Trading has made changes to the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2010, ensuring energy guzzling clothes dryers are used less.

The new by-laws will allow apartment residents to dry their washing on balconies, provided it is not visible from the street.

This helps reduce household bills and makes good environmental sense by minimising the use of a dryer.

Clothes dryers are big energy users costing 70 cents per cycle for a 5 kilogram dryer with a 2.5 star rating.

This can add as much as $150 on energy bills per year for apartment residents who may need to dry up to four loads per week.

Dryers also create more than 800 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions each year if used this often.

The new by-law does not automatically apply to existing strata schemes but can be adopted by passing a special resolution at a general meeting.

Once adopted, the new regulations will allow all households to dry washing outside.

But even in wet weather, clothes can dry effectively indoors on a clothes horse, on a line under the veranda or in the garage.

If you must use a dryer, never put dripping wet clothes in it – always spin dry them first. Also, remember to clean the dryer’s lint filter regularly to maintain full air flow, maximise the drying efficiency and minimise fire risk.

Let the sun dry your clothes