Ideas to make yours a Smart Home

September 2010

Cutting edge technology is helping to combat rising energy use at home, providing simple solutions to lower your electricity bill.

Ausgrid’s energy efficiency expert Paul Myors said a new demonstration smart home in Sydney’s Olympic Precinct is showcasing many of these new energy saving appliances.

The good news is many of the appliances are available in stores – they are not just for the house of the future.

Standby power is a modern energy guzzling curse. But a special power board, used in Ausgrid’s Smart Home, cuts standby power consumption and can be purchased for about $150.

It automatically turns appliances off when they’re not being used and can cut up to $50 per year on your home entertainment system alone.

Conventional clothes dryers need to constantly heat air costing you up to $125 per year to run four loads each week.

In comparison, the 6-star heat-pump clothes dryer used in the Smart Home works by extracting heat from the air and reduces the cost by about 50 per cent to operate a 6.5kg load.

In the kitchen a new oven is being trialled that doesn’t require preheating and has four layers of glazed windows to keep the heat in.

It uses more than 30 per cent less energy than conventional ovens and keeping the door closed will save you more on your energy bill.

The trick is to look at up-front costs and work out potential savings before buying new appliances to ensure the investment is worthwhile.

Find a full list of the home’s energy efficient appliances here and check-out the Smart Home Family’s blog at

Paul Myors in the Smart Home kitchen