Plan ahead of summer

October 2012

Planning ahead of summer can ensure you keep cool without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Ausgrid’s energy efficiency expert Paul Myors said there are simple steps you can take to stay cool without the need to use an air conditioner. 

By keeping the heat off your house and encouraging air flow in it, a four person household can reduce the need for air conditioning, cutting up to one tonne of CO2 emissions and 10% off your electricity bill.  

The north and west facing areas of Australian houses receive the most summer heat and light so minimise its impact by covering windows with heavy curtains or blinds indoors.

On the outside consider using vertical shades like adjustable louvers for east and west windows, and horizontal shading like awnings for northern windows.

Each square metre of direct sun on or through windows can be like running a one bar radiator indoors.

Consider planting trees in positions that will help channel breezes towards your house. Leave doors and windows on opposite sides of your home open to take advantage of cross ventilation.

If you have a two-storey house, it’s important to encourage hot air to flow out of the upper level while letting in the cool evening breeze. Spinning roof vents also help reduce the temperature in the roof cavity.

Insulating a home can be an easy way to reduce energy bills. Ceiling insulation can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 10 degrees in summer and cut your cooling costs by about 30%.

For more tips to prepare your home for summer, visit Ausgrid's summer cooling guide

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