Splash-out with your pool savings

February 2012

Owning a pool can soak up more than $600 a year in electricity costs and produce 2,000kg of greenhouse gases so it’s important to maintain your pool efficiently to save money and CO2 emissions.

According to Ausgrid’s energy efficiency expert Paul Myors, ongoing service bills for a pool can cost $30 or more each week but it’s easy to lower energy costs with a little experimentation.

Pool pumps are set-and-forget appliances when used with a timer, but it’s important to set the optimum filtration times for your pool to ensure energy is used efficiently and costs are reduced.

Three short two–hour sessions keep the pool clean all day. If you have a smart meter and are on time-based pricing, you can run the pump at the cheapest times. Speak to your electricity retailer to see if this is available for your home.

Households with time-based pricing can run their pool pumps during shoulder periods to cut their electricity bill by as much as $272 a year compared to standard rates.

Regulations require that pool pumps must not be heard from your neighbour’s house between 8pm and 7am on weekdays and 8pm to 8am on weekends and public holidays.

So speak to your neighbour to see if they can hear your pool pump at night. If not, you could save an extra $150 each year by running it during off-peak periods.

Make sure to change your pool pump timer at the end of the swimming season. You don’t need to run it as long during the cooler months.

For more information check out Ausgrid’s Pool Efficiency Brochure.

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