Ausgrid is the electricity distributor which manages the power network throughout Sydney, the Hunter and the Central Coast, including the poles, wires and equipment that deliver electricity to your home. Ausgrid also owns the meter which is part of the equipment that connects your home to the electricity network. We are responsible for reading your meter and sending the data to your electricity retailer.

Types of meters

Different types of meters

Accumulation and interval meters can be found in Ausgrid's network area. We explain the differences between these meters.

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How meters are read

meter testing

Ausgrid attempts to read your meter at least once every three months. Electricity meters are read by one of three methods.

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Accessing your meter data

A picture of an Ausgrid meter

Submit a request for your meter data.

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Meter upgrades

meter upgrade

Old meters are replaced for a variety of reasons, including home renovation and declining performance.

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