Meter data request support

What information do I need to make a request?

You will need to provide the following details exactly as displayed on the electricity bill from your retailer:

  • National Metering Identifier (NMI) number;
  • Account holders surname
  • Postcode

In addition to the above information you will also need to provide us with the following so we can process your data request:

  • Date range of the data - up to a maximum of 2 years, and must be within the last two years.
  • Name of requestor (if not the account holder must also provide a signed authorisation letter from account holder)
  • Email address; and
  • Contact phone number.

If any of these details do not match our systems, we will be unable to provide you the information. If we are unable to verify your entitlement to this information, your electricity retailer can provide this data for you.

Can I engage a third party to access my data?

Energy providers, consultants and other third parties may request data on your behalf, but they will need to obtain your consent to do so. If you do engage a third party to request access to your data, they will need to submit a signed written consent from you when applying for your data. Once the information is verified the data will be given to your agent.

How long will it take to get my data?

We will provide you the data within 10-20 business days of receipt of a valid request. This period may be longer where data for multiple NMIs is requested.

Do I have to pay to get my data?

A charge may apply if:

  • You request data more than four times in any twelve month period;
  • You request data in a different manner or form specified in the AEMO meter data provision procedures; or
  • By a customer authorised third party as a part of a request for information about more than one customer.

You will be notified of any charges applicable before to the data is provided.

How to submit a bulk request

For a bulk request, you will need to prepare a csv file.
The format is:  NMI, Postcode, Name, StartDate (dd/mm/yyyy), EndDate (dd/mm/yyyy). No record header is required.

Download an example template

Troubleshooting file submission errors

Before submitting your file, we suggest that you check the following to prevent errors:

  • If you are a new customer, or using a new e-mail check your email for a validation e-mail from Ausgrid after submitting your request
  • The file format is as per the example and no request has more than 5 comma separated values.
  • The number of requests in the file does not exceed 500.
  • The NMIs are either 10 or 11 characters.
  • The NMIs are valid Ausgrid NMIs (the range is from 41020000000 to 41049999999).
  • The start date for a request is after the end date. Must not be more than 2 year period, or start date must be in the last two years
  • The post code is correct and no more than 4 characters.
  • Customer name should be Surname only
  • Your customer or business name is not greater than 200 characters.
  • Each row contains valid input data.

How do I interpret the data I have received?

Electricity use is measured by different types of meters and the type of meter will determine the format of your meter data. Find out more about interpreting data from accumulation meters and interval meters.


You need to contact your retailer if:

  • Your enquiry is about the amount charged on your electricity bill or your retail tariff.
  • Your enquiry is about the reconciliation of the data Ausgrid has provided and a bill issued by your electricity retailer. Ausgrid cannot determine how the electricity retailer has calculated the energy data or the retail tariff on your bill.
  • Your enquiry is about your electricity bill.