smart meter rules

In November 2015 the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) released a final National Electricity and Retail Rule to encourage increased competition in the metering market.
Under these “Power of Choice” rules, smart meters  (also known as digital or advanced meters) will be used for all new and replacement meter installations for residential and small business customers from 1 December 2017.

Who is responsible for metering services under the new rules?

From 1 December 2017 all new and replacement meters will be managed and coordinated by the customer’s retailer. The table below provides more detail about these changes.

Responsibility for metering services from 1 December 2017

   Ausgrid Your Retailer
 Installation of new smart metering equipment No  Yes
 Meter reading of smart meters  No  Yes
 Meter reading of historic “Ausgrid” meters *  Yes  No
 Replacement of non-compliant meters  No
Notification to customer of power outage associated with meter replacement  No

* Ausgrid will continue to provide reading, testing and maintenance services for meters that have not been installed under the Power of Choice rule change. This includes all meters that were installed by Ausgrid or an agent of Ausgrid. Typically these meters would feature “Ausgrid” branding. A smart meter installed under the new rules will show branding from one of the alternative metering providers.

Where a smart meter must be installed, customers can choose to ask their retailer to install the meter without the remote communication hardware. In this instance their retailer will need to arrange for the meter to be manually read.

Retailers can also install smart meters under the current framework, and a number of retailers are already changing customers over to smart meters, and providing a net metering solution to solar bonus scheme customers. There is more information for solar bonus scheme customers available here.

Under the new framework only retailers are allowed to install smart meters. Your electricity retailer can provide more information about your options for installing a smart meter, or compare offers at