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Report a power problem

Call us on 13 13 88 or report a power outage online at your home or business.

Report an outage

Report a hazard

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Call us on 13 13 88 or report dangerous or damaged poles and wires online.

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Streetlight not working?

Report a streetlight that isn't working on our map in just a few clicks or call us on 1800 044 808.

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Trees growing near powerlines

Report a tree growing close to powerlines on our map.
If a tree or branch is touching wires, call us immediately on
13 13 88.

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Report graffiti on our equipment

Find the nearest Ausgrid equipment on our map to report graffiti vandalism.

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Report a problem with a power pole

Request an inspection of an Ausgrid power pole.

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Make an enquiry or complaint

Make an enquiry, complaint or give feedback online.

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Off peak electric hot water not working?

If your off peak electric hot water isn't working, you can report in on our online form.

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Power disconnected?

If a retailer asked us to disconnect your power, you must contact your retailer to arrange reconnection. This includes if you've moved into a new property.