Avoca to Empire Bay power line project

Ausgrid has constructed a 66,000 volt power line to supply electricity to the new Empire Bay zone substation, providing a connection from the Avoca zone substation.

A 66,000 volt power line was built in the mid 1970s between Avoca substation and Bensville as part of long-term planning for a future zone substation in the Bensville/Empire Bay area. The power line has been operating at 11,000 volts. This power line has now been extended through to the new Empire Bay substation to operate at 66,000 volts.

Where new poles have been required, timber poles have been used, except for a few locations where green concrete poles have been installed to provide increased strength to support corner loads/major direction changes.

The indoor design of the Empire Bay substation requires the power line to enter the facility underground. The final section of the power lines runs underground from the intersection of Empire Bay Drive and Palmers Lane to meet this requirement.

A route map is available below.

The line between Avoca and Empire Bay is expected to enter service in mid 2013. 

Empire Bay pole installation by Ausgrid

Installation of a new wooden 66,000 volt pole in the Bensville area



Avoca to Empire Bay power line project route map