Paxton substation project

Paxton zone substation

 Ausgrid is constructing a new zone substation on Millfield Road at Paxton which will be adjacent to the current Paxton substation.

Once the new facility is commissioned, the existing zone substation would be disconnected from the network and all equipment removed from site.

Project need

The existing substation was built in 1977 and some of the equipment is due for replacement. The most cost effective option is to construct a replacement substation adjacent to the existing one. The new facility will assist Ausgrid to ensure a reliable and secure electricity supply for the Paxton area.

Associated work to rearrange the existing overhead 33,000 Volt power lines at the rear of substation has been completed. There will be no change to the existing 33,000 Volt power line configuration on the Millfield Road frontage.

Project status

Ausgrid has purchased land for the new substation to the south east of the existing substation.

Work is underway and a new building will be constructed to house some of the electrical equipment. Two transportable units, each comprising a 33, 000 Volt transformer and control room, will be installed on either side of a new substation driveway.

A new entrance to the site from Millfield Road would also be constructed to a standard consistent with Council requirements. This is needed for delivery of the new equipment and for any future maintenance requirements.

A new building to house some of the electrical equipment is being constructed as part of the project. 

Civil construction is expected to be finished by the end of 2014 and this will be followed by delivery of major equipment and the fit out of electrical infrastructure from early 2015.

Project approval process

The project has been assessed and approved under Part 5 of the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Act. As part of the approval process, Ausgrid consulted with Cessnock City Council and adjoining land occupiers, as required by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 (ISEPP) and the Electricity Supply Act. 

Ausgrid is responsible for assessing and approving works under the Paxton substation project. This process has also included preparation of an environmental assessment.. The assessment concludes that the proposed works would not significantly affect the environment. 

Community consultation

Ausgrid has consulted with Cessnock City Council and neighbouring residents as part of developing the plans and assessing the project for construction approval.

Neighbours will receive updates at key milestones during construction.

What to expect during construction

Like any construction site, there will be noise and dust, and temporary traffic disruptions, which we will work to minimise as much as possible.

Traffic control staff will be on duty as required to ensure the safety of the work crew and the public. Work hours will be 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. There will be no work on weekends or public holidays.