Camellia to Lidcombe power line project

 Adderley Street

Ausgrid is planning to replace the underground 33,000 volt cables currently providing the main power supply to Auburn, Lidcombe and surrounding areas. The underground cables are nearing the end of their service life and need to be replaced so Ausgrid can maintain a safe and reliable power supply in the future. Adderley Street (shown above) in Lidcombe is one of the streets on the proposed route.

Project need

To replace these cables, Ausgrid proposes to install new 33,000 volt overhead power lines and poles from Camellia sub transmission substation in Rosehill, to the Auburn zone substation and on to the Lidcombe zone substation.   

Ausgrid has considered replacing the existing cables with underground cables, using the route from either the Camellia or Homebush substations. There would be a significant cost of underground cables so Ausgrid has sought to develop a plan that minimises cost without significant impact on the local community.

As the preferred route mostly runs through industrial areas, Ausgrid believes that installing new lines on poles is the most cost effective way to provide reliable electricity supply in the area.  

To ensure the new power lines have adequate support and meet standard safety requirements, some of the existing power poles along the preferred route will need to be replaced and additional poles installed. 

More information on the preferred route and the power pole designs can be found in the most recent community newsletter which can be viewed via the link on the right hand side of this page. 

Planning the new overhead power line route

Ausgrid has considered a range of options before proposing the new power lines. The following factors have been considered during the early planning process to prepare a proposed route. 

These include:

  • community impacts, including traffic impacts
  • availability around existing utility services
  • environmental and heritage impacts
  • cost (minimising the impact on electricity bills)
  • technical feasibility.

Community engagement

The first community newsletter was issued to properties along or close to the preferred powerline route in mid-August 2016 with information about the project and details on how to provide feedback on the proposed work. Ausgrid is currently seeking local community input on the following topics as part of project planning process:

  • The preferred powerline route from Camellia to Lidcombe.
  • The design options for the new power poles and powerlines.
  • Tree trimming and removal along the powerline route to provide safe clearance from the new power lines and poles

All feedback will be considered by the project team as part of the process to minimise impacts during construction. To find out more or provide feedback to Ausgrid, please get in touch via the contacts on the right of this page.

Project status

Project and community engagement time line 

  • September 2016 - community feedback on options  and review community feedback 
  • Early 2017 - environmental assessment (REF) on preferred route 
  • Late 2017 - target for start of construction

Project approval process and environmental assessment

Ausgrid is the approving authority for these works under the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Act. An environmental assessment (known as a Review of Environmental Factors or REF) will be prepared on the preferred cable route option in accordance with Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Clause 228 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. 

The REF will include a range of specialist studies and input from the community, councils and other authorities. The REF investigates the potential environmental impacts associated with the construction, operation and maintenance of the proposed cable route. It also recommends mitigation measures as required to ensure any impacts are at acceptable levels.

The REF will be made available on Ausgrid’s project web page for feedback before the project is finalised and assessed for construction approval.