Rookwood Road bulk supply point project

Ausgrid is installing and extending 132,000 volt overhead power lines to connect Transgrid’s new Rookwood Road bulk supply point (BSP) to Ausgrid’s Chullora sub transmission switching station (STSS) via Potts Hill zone substation.

Project need

This project will connect Transgrid’s new bulk electricity supply point, located off Rookwood Road into Ausgrid’s network.

Project description

The project involves several activities. See below for a description of each activity.

  • Power lines from the new BSP to the Potts Hill substation will be extended and upgraded via existing transmission towers and a new pole within Transgrid's property.
  • Two new 132,000 volt power lines will be constructed on steel poles along Rookwood Road, Muir Road and Dasea Street between the BSP and the Potts Hill substation. Each pole would be located every 60 and 120 metres and will be approximately 18-20 metres high.
  • Ausgrid will restring 132,000 volt power lines on existing towers between Potts Hill substation and the Chullora STSS.
  • An existing overhead power line will be removed along Dasea Street, an overhead power line next to the Pott's Hill substation will be realigned and existing 11,000 volt power lines have been relocated within Sydney Water's Potts Hill Reservoir as part of this project.


Project status

Work started in July 2013 and is expected to be completed by September 2014. The project will be done in stages.

The project stages are:

  • July 2013 - undergrounding works within Sydney Water's Potts Hill Reservoir
  • July to November 2013 - extend and upgrade power lines from the BSP to Potts Hill substation
  • March to July 2014 - construction of new power lines from the BSP to Potts Hill substation 
  • July to September 2014 - restringing power lines between Potts Hill substation and Chullora STSS

Community consultation

As the route mainly follows roads within industrial areas, consultation for this project has been with local councils and businesses near to the work. For the section of work close to residential properties, notifications will be delivered in advance with more information on the activities, including timing. If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact us any time (see project contacts at right).

What to expect during construction

Like any construction work, the proposal would involve noise and dust, and temporary traffic and parking disruptions, which we would work to minimise as much as possible.
Construction would include:

  • installing steel poles for the new 132,000 volt power lines using a truck mounted borer and a crane
  • restringing of 132,000 volt power lines along existing towers using cable trucks and elevated work platforms
  • installing cable spacers (used to separate the cables) using an aerial trolley between towers
  • the relocating of some existing steel poles 
  • clearing of vegetation for access under existing towers and around steel poles