Planting near powerlines

Planting away from powerlines or planting the correct species of trees and shrubs near powerlines will ensure a more reliable electricity supply and help to prevent accidents. Please note that before planting on nature strips, you must obtain approval from your local council. Your council or nursery should also provide advice on appropriate low growing trees.

Planting tips

  • Soak your plant thoroughly before removing it from the pot. An easy way is by standing the container in a bucket of water while you dig the hole 
  • Make sure the hole is twice the width and depth of your pot 
  • Break up the soil at the bottom of the hole, then fill with water and wait until it drains away. For very dry soil, repeat the process 
  • Tap the pot gently against a hard surface to loosen the soil 
  • Gently remove your plant from the pot by placing you hand so that your second and third fingers are supporting the stem and your outspread hand is supporting the soil 
  • Place your plant in the hole, ensuring that the top of the root ball is slightly above the surface of the garden soil 
  • Backfill the hole making certain the soil is firmly against the root ball but not over compacted 
  • Place any excess soil in a ring around the edge of the root ball to form a small well 
  • Water the plant with one or two buckets of water. Pour the water gently into the well and let it soak through.

General tips

  • Do not purchase a tree that cannot stand up on its own. A good quality tree should not require staking 
  • Keep grass away from the base of your tree for at least 12-18 months. This can be done by hand weeding and then mulching 
  • Do not damage the base of your tree with mowers or whipper-snippers 
  • For the first two months, water your tree once or twice a week with a bucket of water, but do not over water it. Mulching helps conserve water 
  • If branches need to be removed, always prune them to the 'branch collar'. The collar is the slightly swelled area at the base of the branch

Suitable species

Download a list of trees and shrubs that are generally suitable for planting near the network.

Unsuitable species

Download a list of trees and shrubs that are unsuitable for planting near the electricity network.