Safety alerts

Safety Alerts issued for all Accredited Service Providers (ASPs)

Ausgrid regularly sends out Safety Alerts to ASPs. These alerts are related to safety issues that may affect ASPs and their business. Ausgrid issues Safety Alerts for a variety of reasons which can include industry related safety information or for a general reminder to ensure ASPs are following correct safety procedures when undertaking work on or near our network.

Ausgrid also issues General Information notices. Please click here to be directed to that page.

Please email your details to the below addresses if you would like to receive these alerts.

Please ensure you always refer to the current versions of Ausgrid’s standards and guidelines when referencing information for contestable work. If you are unsure of a documents currency, please contact Ausgrid.

SA04 - 17 Cable Strike Incident

Date published

SA03_17 Proposed changes to symbology for LV HDPE cables

Date published

SA02_17 Failure to positively identify gas main causing gas main damage

Date published

SA01_17 working on or near Ausgrid's network and arc rated clothing

Date published