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As part of our commitment to improving communications and keeping you connected, we email our quarterly e-newsletter out to stakeholders.  Our e-newsletter is intended to keep stakeholders informed about Demand Management and encourage knowledge sharing and positive debate.  It includes information on d
emand management projects and innovation trials, industry news, industry events, reporting and research, rules and policy changes and government reforms. 

For more information on our strategy, approach and associated processes for engaging with stakeholders, customers and demand management providers on the supply of demand side solutions for the Ausgrid network refer to our  Demand Side Engagement Document

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Demand Management - June 2017 e-newsletter
In this edition:

1. Upcoming Direction Forum on 29 June for the new Demand Management Incentive Scheme and Innovation     Allowance (DMIS/DMIA)

2. Draft report published for the AEMC’s Distribution Market Model

3. Draft rule published by AEMC for Replacement expenditure planning arrangements (RIT-D)

4. Draft DAPR Template published by AER

5. Submissions due 23 June for Powering Sydney’s Future project

6. Ausgrid’s Customers at the Centre Project

Demand Management - March 2017 e-newsletter
In this edition:

1. CoolSaver interim report

2. Ausgrid household solar and battery interim report

3. Ausgrid DM online forum update

4. AER's demand management options day workshop

5. Powering Sydney's future project

6. Sydney's 10 Feb 17 heatwave and electricity demand
Demand Management - November 2016 e-newsletter

In this edition:

1.CBD Embedded Generation report

2.Household Solar Power and Battery Survey

3.Demand Management Online Forum Launch

4.Powering Sydney's Future Project Interim Report

5.AER industry developments:
- replacement expenditure planning arrangements   
  - DMIA / DMIS Workshop Outcomes 

Demand Management - September 2016 e-newsletter

In this edition: 

1. Hot water load control trials report

2. New threshold for micro EG applicants

3. Trial update -  new winter peak demand trial

4. Ausgrid's Framework & Approach 2019-24 Discussion Paper

5. Network Opportunity Mapping data update

6. AER industry developments

7. Next stage of the Smart Green Apartments program

Demand Management May 2016 e-newsletter

In this edition:

1. Ausgrid’s trial of a grid-connected battery system

2. New solar customer data available online

3. Network opportunity mapping data

4. Public comment on new Inverter Draft Standard (AS4777.1)

5. Amendments to NSW Energy Savings Scheme

6. Ausgrid CoolSaver air conditioner load control trial 2016 survey results

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