How To Get Started

The approach to looking at your business's power factor correction through to finding a solution and installing correction equipment is shown in the diagram below. For more details on the process for installing and notifying Ausgrid of your power factor solution, refer to our Next Steps.

Process Steps:
You can access the specific forms or guides in the blue box on the right of this page.

  • Request a site specific power report.

  • Contact a service provider - If you do not have a preferred service provider you can refer to our list on our power factor service provider register.

  • Your service provider then needs to Apply for the connection change

  •  Your service provider then needs to notify Ausgrid about the change to your electrical installation Premises Connection Requirements (ES1), Section 5 and refer to our Installation Safety Plan

  • Once your power factor equipment is installed, send Ausgrid a Network Tariff and Threshold Change Application form. Make sure you have your retailer endorse the form before sending it back to us.