Pricing plans

Ausgrid is usually required to submit an annual network pricing proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) that reflects the efficient cost of providing a safe and reliable electricity supply to our customers. Once approved, retailers can decide how to incorporate the charges into customers’ final bills.

In order to provide certainty and stability to our customers and retailers Ausgrid will not increase network prices for the 2016/17 financial year in real terms.

This follows the Australian Competition Tribunal’s decision to set aside the AER’s revenue determination for the 2014-19 regulatory period. The AER has sought a judicial review of the decision and it may be some time until a final outcome is known.

Undertaking to the Australian Energy Regulator

The AER has approved Ausgrid’s undertaking for the purpose of section 59A of the National Electricity Law to calculate Network Use of System (NUOS) tariffs for 2016/17 by increasing 2015/16 tariffs by actual CPI of 1.5%.

Overview of 2015/16 pricing proposal

This summary explains the key changes to our network prices for 2015/16 and how they affect customers' bills.

Network pricing proposal 2015/16

This document is the 2015/16 pricing proposal which submitted to the AER for approval, as required under Chapter 6 of the National Electricity Rules.


These are the attachments to the 2015/16 pricing proposal.

Statement of expected price trends 2016/17

Each year Ausgrid publishes a Statement of Expected Price Trends. This Statement covers the network use of system tariffs applying from 1 July of each financial year of the regulatory control period.