Stakeholder presentations

Ausgrid's stakeholders are organisations, institutions or individuals who speak on behalf of our customers, consumers or our community and we meet with them through face to face briefings, meetings and presentations.

In the lead up to submitting our regulatory proposal, we are presenting our plans to both educate and inform as well as receive input from these important groups.  As part of our commitment to engage widely and openly, some of these presentations to stakeholders are available below.

Networks NSW supplier forum

This forum was an opportunity to gather direct feedback from key suppliers to electricity networks in NSW.

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CEO presentation to AER Pre-Determination Conference

Ausgrid CEO Vince Graham spoke with stakeholders and consumer representatives on our views on the AER's draft determination.

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CEO presentation to AER forum

Ausgrid CEO Vince Graham presented to stakeholders and community representatives in July on our five year regulatory proposal, including plans to keep average network price increases to below CPI for the next five years.

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Briefing on Plans and Prices

Ausgrid's Chief Operating Officer Trevor Armstrong joined other senior leaders to brief some of our key stakeholders on our plans, priorities and electricity prices for the next five years at a number of events across our network area, beginning with Sydney CBD and Inner West region and ending with the Central Coast.

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Presentation to level 1 Accredited Service Providers

This presentation discusses upcoming changes to the prices for services Ausgrid delivers when ASPs are engaged to work on a new, upgraded or relocated connection to the electricity network. These changes were requested by the Australian Energy Regulator and are included in Ausgrid's regulatory proposal.

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Vince Graham presentation to Ausgrid Welfare and Consumer Forum

This presentation outlines highlights of Ausgrid's Transitional Proposal for 2014/15 including discussion around potential tariff changes.

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Presentation to Customer Council on Consumer engagement

Presentation to Customer Council on Consumer engagement.

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Presentation to Ausgrid's Customer Council

Presentation to Ausgrid's Customer Council on our drivers for network investment and our five year plans.

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Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

This presentation to the NSW Customer Reference Group was given by Networks NSW in November 2013.

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