Kids safety zone

Electricity is part of our everyday life - designed to provide us with a safe and reliable source of energy. Most of the time, electricity is our friend, but sometimes it can be dangerous. This happens when we're exposed to it in ways we were not meant to be. We can avoid these hazards by following some simple rules.

Staying safe around electricity is everyone's responsibility. You should watch out for yourself, your friends and your family.

Safety outdoors

We all like to play outside, but you must be careful and aware of electrical hazards when you play.  Find out more.

Safety around metal

We all come into contact with metal objects on a daily basis. Because metal conducts electricity, you have to be very careful when you use metal items. Find out more.

Safety around water

Because our bodies contain water and salt, electricity passes easily through us. Water and electricity do not mix so keep water away from electrical appliances. Find out more.

Dangerous situations

Always be on the look out for electrical and other dangers in and around your home. Tell your mum or dad if you see anything that looks dangerous. Find out more.

Electricity substations

You will find electricity substations and power equipment all over the place. Substations are safe, but you must follow the rules. Find out more.

Electrical emergencies

We all hope that we are never in an emergency involving electricity, but if we are, it's important to know what to do. Find out more.