How is it measured

Volts, amps, and watts measure electricity. Volts measure the "pressure" under which electricity flows. Amps measure the flow or amount of electrons that go past a particular point each second. Watts measure the amount of work done by a certain amount of current or flow rate at a certain pressure or voltage.

To understand how volts, amps and watts are related, think of water in a pipe:

  • The water in the pipe has a pressure (voltage) and a flow rate (current).
  • Turning on the tap is like turning on a switch - it lets the electrical pressure push electrons through an appliance - just like water being pushed through a pipe.
  • You would use lots of water - that comes out really hard (like a lot of watts) - to wash off a muddy car. You would use less water that comes out more slowly - (like less watts) - to fill a glass. 

Electricity is not free. To get it into your home and schools costs money. Not everyone uses the same amount. Large families might tend to use a lot of electricity. Small families would use less.

To ensure that Ausgrid charges the right amount for its electricity, electrical retailers read the electricity meter in your home or school.