Natural gas

Gas is another form of energy we find in our homes. It is used to cook meals, to heat water for our showers, to warm our houses and to fire up our barbeques. It can also be used to power our cars. It is not as commonly used as electricity, but is popular all the same. 

Like coal and oil, natural gas is created from the remains of plants and animals, which lived on the earth millions of years ago. Over time, their remains were covered by layers of sand, rock and ice. Heat and pressure in the earth’s surface eventually changed them into fossils. Natural gas is a gaseous form of these fossil remains.

To reach natural gas we have to drill through layers and layers of rock. It gets to homes, schools and businesses through a huge underground pipe.

In its pure form, natural gas has no smell but when it gets to your home or school it smells. Why? Well, if it didn't you wouldn't know if your gas pipe was leaking and this would be extremely dangerous.