Renewable energy

Renewable energy is also known as "green" energy because, unlike energy created from fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), it will not run out. Renewable energy uses natural resources that can be replaced or "renewed" without harming the environment and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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The world is more than two-thirds water. 

Find out how we use the energy from water to produce electricity – cleanly and efficiently. 


Solar energy or energy from the sun, is a very popular and efficient way to generate power. 

Find out how it works and how we use it. 


Wind can make things move. Just watch a windmill turn. Wind can also make a turbine work, which produces electricity. 

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The average person is said to throw away almost 2 kg of rubbish every day. This garbage can be used to create electricity. It's all in the gases!

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Geothermal energy is energy from the heat of the earth. Some countries have been using it for thousands of years. 

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