Lake Macquarie trial area

Details of the offer

The Lake Macquarie trial area consists of 7 adjacent suburbs around the Cardiff and Mount Hutton zone substations. These suburbs include: Cardiff, Cardiff South, Eleebana, Lakelands, Macquarie Hills, Mount Hutton and Warners Bay. 

Eligible participants in this area recieved a $160 Installation bonus once we have installed the signal reciever. They also earned a $120 Summer bonus for each of the 2013/14 and 2014/15 summer periods when they allowed us to activate your air conditioner power saving modes. That's a total of up to $400 in gift cards.  We are extending the Lake Macquarie trial to this summer 2015-16. Participants who are continuing in the trial for 2015-16 will receive a summer reward of either $50 for air conditioners under 10kW or $100 for air conditioners 10kW and over.

Terms and Conditions

Download the key trial information and terms and conditions for participants in the Lake Macquarie trial area here.