Corporate policies and reports

Ausgrid suppliers


Ausgrid's procurement decisions support the provision of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions for the communities we serve.
We consider our suppliers and contractors to be external partners, committed to working collaboratively to develop innovative solutions with sustainable outcomes. This partnership is fundamental to our mutual business success.

Ausgrid defines sustainability as driving the most positive and mitigating the negative social, environmental, governance and economics impacts of its Procurement decisions. These are collectively referred to as the ‘Four Pillars’.

Our External Partner Code of Conduct communicates Ausgrid’s expectations of our external partners and their supply chains in providing goods and services to our organisation. We expect our external partners to share our commitment across the Four Pillars including health and safety, human rights, environmental footprint, business ethics and sustainable procurement.

Our Procurement Statement provides further information for external partners, including our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

We are changing the way we work, looking towards a successful future together with our external partners.