Trimming trees to keep the community and power supply safe

May 2013

As one of the biggest causes of blackouts, keeping trees away from powerlines helps keep the power supply to our homes safe and reliable.

Ausgrid’s tree trimming maintenance program helps to keep trees and their branches at a safe distance from powerlines.

The program is also an important community safety measure to minimise trees bringing down live powerlines, which can cause personal injury or property damage, particularly during storms.

The work is carried out by authorised contractors who comply with the Australian Standard for Pruning and the Amenity of Trees, and is overseen by our qualified Arborists.

Our tree trimmers cut branches in a way that protects the health of the trees. This usually means cutting branches back to a growth point on the trunk, so they’re not at risk of infection or disease.

Planting trees away from powerlines or planting the correct species of trees and shrubs near powerlines are the best ways to help avoid tree trimming and blackouts.

list of species is also available to help councils choose trees when planting near powerlines that don’t require regular trimming.


  • If you have any questions about our tree trimming, please call us on 13 15 35.

 Watch videos about tree trimming and how we trim trees on YouTube.

During storms, branches from unsuitable trees planted near powerlines can cause serious damage.