Expedited connections

The expedited connection process allows you to save time by skipping the offer and acceptance steps to a connection contract. If you request expedition and indicate that a particular model standing offer is acceptable, the contract is taken to have begun on the day we received your connection application, provided we agree that any model standing offer you have nominated is appropriate.

If you do not request expedition or you nominate an inappropriate model offer, it could add up to 55 days to your connection process.

Residential and Small Commerical connections - NECF 02 

If you wish to expedite the connection, select  the box in Section 5 on the form. 

Most connections requiring the NECF02 form can be expedited if you nominate our model standing offer for basic connection services - 100 Amps connections. See also basic connection services - 100 Amps connections Overview. If you are applying to connect a micro embedded generating unit (like solar panels) at premises that are already connected to our network, the connection can be expedited if you nominate our model standing offer for basic micro EG connections

If yours is a new property or you are altering your existing connection for some other reason than changing the service line and the meter to accommodate your micro EG unit, nominate both the model standing offers mentioned above.

If your connection is not a basic connection service, we will send you a connection offer using another of our model standing offers and you will need to accept it before connection work can commence.

If your connection is neither basic not standard, we will negotiate a connection offer.  

Large, Multiple, Remote, Subdivisions and High Voltage connections - NECF 03 

To expedite a connection to which this form applies, select one or more model standing offers in section 9 of the NECF-03 connection application form. If we find any of the model standing offers you have selected are appropriate for your connection, the connection will be expedited.

If your connection is not within the category of model standing offers you have selected, we will send you a connection offer using another of our model standing offers and you will need to accept it before connection work can commence. 

If you connection is neither basic nor standard, we will negotiate a connection offer.

Micro Embedded Generation - NECF 05 

 To expedite a connection using this form, select yes in section 7 of the NECF-05 connection application form, or nominate your preferred model standing offer in this section. If your selected model standing offer is appropriate, and you have provided necessary information, then the connection will be expedited. 

If there is no appropriate model standing offer available for your connection, then we will negotiate a connection offer.