Ausgrid authorised field recorders of network assets

The following list is provided to ASP/1s and Ausgrid contractors to help identify companies (suppliers) that are able to supply individuals who have met Ausgrid’s competency and safety requirements to complete field recording of network assets for contestable and/or Ausgrid funded assets.

The suppliers have met all prerequisites for the Field Recording of Network Assets authorisation, permitting them to undertake the work.

Under the ASP/1 Authorisation Agreement, ASP/1s are responsible for the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of field recording of networks assets completed by the suppliers in order to maintain the safety and integrity of those assets.

This responsibility also includes indemnifying Ausgrid against any loss or damage resulting from inaccurate field recordings provided.

If the chosen supplier does not hold a separate authorisation to work on or near the Ausgrid network as an ASP/1 or contractor, the ASP/1 or contractor will be responsible for the supervision and overseeing the safety of the supplier when working at their sites (for ASPs, this is as a non-electrical specialist worker as per clause 2.5 of the ASP/1 Authorisation Agreement, and ES4 Service Provider Authorisation).

The ASP/1 or Ausgrid contractor engaging the services of a supplier is responsible for confirming the individual holds authorisation to conduct Field Recording to the requisite standard and safely. This may be done in a number of ways but not limited to checking the details, including authorisation expiry date, of an individual’s “Field Recording of Network Assets Authorisation” card.

All field recordings must comply with the relevant safety legislation, Network Standard NS100 Field Recording of Network Assets, T0005 Field Recording Technical Guide and ES4 Service Provider Authorisation.
Ausgrid does not warrant the performance of the suppliers. Inclusion on this list does not imply competency or capability beyond the minimum skill requirement, nor does it imply any comment on the business skills and practices, safety systems or quality of the suppliers.

Inclusion on the list is subject to continued endorsement by the Manager Electrical Safety & Authorisations, Ausgrid. If you wish to find out more about Ausgrid’s competency requirements for field recording in order to be added to the list please email

Company Phone contacts Email Area
ARA Electrical High Voltage Services Pty Ltd
T/as Transelect
02 4919 6900
0432 936 734
North& South
Asset Map  0411 086 987  North
Bedrule Pty Ltd
T/as Tobco
02 8415 9899
0428 241 168 North & South
Connect Engineering Pty Ltd
T/as Connect Infrastructure
02 9642 0466 
0412 306 561 North & South
 CJ Doyle Contractng Services Pty Ltd  02 87841900  North & South
Crux Surveying  02 9540 9940
 North & South
Dunmain Pty Ltd
02 9642 0466 
0412 306 561 North & South
Elite Survey 02 9526 7002 North & South

Grace Infrastructure Pty Ltd  0490 032 396  North & South
Infinite Energy Services Pty Ltd
1800 437 437
0410 727 002 South
Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd  02 9032 1468  North & South
KBS Survey  0450 957 596  North & South
LTS Lockley
1300 581 000
0412 743 761
Mackie Civil Pty Ltd T/as Mackex Services  02 4774 9967  North & South
Mishika Pty Ltd  0433 098 677 South
Monteath & Powys Pty Ltd 
 02 4926 1388
North & South
MPDIPty Ltd 02 4322 2785
0411 784 968 North & South
Network Electrical Engineering Pty Ltd  02 4573 1034  North & South
OEI Pty Ltd
 0404 920 430
Plot Point 0418 224 414
0417 489 763 North & South
Quickway Constructions Pty Ltd
 02 9644 6333
RPS Group Pty Ltd  02 4940 4200 North
Salem Power Engineering Services Pty Ltd
02 9674 8773
0413 453 575
Scott Electrical Services Pty Ltd  02 9939 6391  North & South
Subakette Ply Ltd
02 9632 1035
0419 802 809

North & South

System Construction Pty Ltd, T/as Syscon
02 4355 1716
 North & South
Total Precision Surveys Pty Ltd  0490 803 852  North
UGL Engineering Pty Ltd
02 9474 4929
0409 533 902 North & South

We-Do-It Pty Ltd 0412 347 076  North & South

*Ausgrid Network Area relates to the geographic area North and/or South of the Hawkesbury River in which the nominated company has indicated they are willing to conduct the field recording of network assets. Authorised individuals are not restricted to the geographic areas nominated above for conducting field recording activities.