Solar and embedded generation research and reports

Generating your own electricity is becoming more common with over 50,000 households in Ausgrid’s service area now generating their own power from solar or wind. And it’s not just households as businesses are also investing in solar and gas fired generation.

Analysing the energy generation characteristics for solar, wind and gas fired embedded generators can help in devising improved demand management solutions, understanding how to better integrate generation into the distribution network and informing policy makers.

Reports and summaries from our investigations are available below. 

Solar panel capacity on the Ausgrid network has grown more than 4 times over the past 6 years from more than 85,000 kilowatts to over 380,000 kilowatts between 2011 and 2017.

Effect of small solar PV systems on peak demand

Ausgrid looked at the effect of small solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on peak demand across Ausgrid's electricity network. The analysis was undertaken as part of a submission to the review into Solar Feed-in-tariffs in NSW being conducted by the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal. The findings of this preliminary investigation suggest that small solar PV is having a small effect on reducing summer peak demand on the electricity network. Despite the rapid uptake of rooftop solar under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme, the amount of peak demand reduction was not significant enough to contribute to any potential deferral of network investment.

Solar effect on the grid presentation

Ausgrid looked at the effect of state and federal schemes that support the uptake of solar power systems. The analysis found that as the schemes unwind, the payback period for solar power systems increases to 14 to 22 years. This paper on the solar power findings was presented at the Australian Summer Study on Energy Efficiency and Decentralised Energy (29 February 2012 – 2 March 2012).

Cogeneration in NSW - Review and analysis of Opportunities

Institute for Sustainable Futures – University of Technology Sydney
Potential for new cogeneration, including comments on fuels, equipment, etc. Includes case studies of projects funded or investigated by DMPP.

Newington Photovoltaic Power Systems Energy Value and Reliability Analysis

An examination of the value and reliability of energy generated by photovoltaic systems based on the photovoltaic array installed at Newington.

Newington Village - An analysis of photovoltaic output, residential load and PV’s ability to reduce peak demand

Centre for Energy & Environmental Markets – University of New South Wales
A review of the Newington PV facility output, with particular emphasis on correlation to site, substation and NSW electricity demands.

Financial Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar Technology at Newington Village Homebush

URS Australia Pty Ltd
A financial analysis of the merits of Newington PV installation.

Kogorah Town Square Solar PV system - demand management analysis

This study evaluates the effectiveness of the Kogarah Town Square 160kW rooftop photovoltaic power system in reducing peak demand, and the need for network infrastructure investment.