Tiger Tails

 Tiger tails are synthetic tubes that are clipped together over powerlines to provide a useful visual indication to tradespeople and plant operators working in the area of live overhead power lines.

Tiger tails DO NOT:

  • insulate wires
  • protect people from the risk of electrocution or electric shock
  • reduce safe approach distances
  • allow you to work closer to powerlines

Tiger tails must only be fitted to overhead power lines by the electricity network operator (Ausgrid). The temporary covers must be visually inspected prior to commencing work each day and if they have moved, Ausgrid must be contacted to replace the cable covers in their correct position.

When working near overhead powerlines you will need to read and comply with WorkCover Code of Practice – Work near Overhead Powelines

and maintain the minimum safe approach distances defined in the code. If your task requires you to work within the safe approach distance you must contact Ausgrid to arrange for suitable controls to be installed.

If your work requires a Disconnect / Reconnect when working around the Point of Attachment this work is contestable. A list of accredited providers is available here.

To find out if your worksite requires tiger tails complete our Contractor Checklist Form

Completed forms for the Central Coast, Newcastle and Lower Hunter regions can be emailed to: 

Service wires (the wire from the street pole to the house) - customerconnectionswallsend@ausgrid.com.au
Network wires (the wires going from pole to pole in the street) - newcastlesafetyclearances@ausgrid.com.au

For all other Ausgrid network areas call us on 13 13 65.