Residential and small commercial connections

This category is for new or altered connections for residential and small commercial properties in urban areas.

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This category is for residential and small commercial connections for properties in urban areas such as:

  • single dwellings
  • duplexes
  • small commercial premises
  • residential or commercial developments with up to six units.

These properties typically require supply of 100 Amps or less. Physical works to connect your property to our energy network are known as contestable services. This means the work must be completed by an Accredited Service Provider level 2 (ASP/2), chosen and paid for by you.

Ausgrid provides basic connection services for these types of properties, which may include inspecting your electrical installation and the ASP's work to make sure it meets our safety standards.

Installing solar or embedded generation

Additional requirements apply if you have, or are planning to install, embedded generation like solar panels. Please see embedded generation for further information.

Application form

  • If you prefer, you can fill out the Excel version on your computer.


Help with your application

Our guide to completing a connection application form will assist you to complete your application. Please note, if the information marked with an * is not fully completed the application will not be processed.

Information required in your application can be quite technical. You can ask a third party such as, your electrical contractor, an Accredited Service Provider (ASP), or electricity retailer, to fill out the application form and submit it on your behalf. When you authorise a third party to make your connection application, you can also authorise that person to accept a connection offer on your behalf.

Next steps

  1. You, or the person lodging the application on your behalf, can choose to expedite your connection by filling in Section 5 of the connection application form. This could save up to 55 days. 
  2. If you choose not to expedite the process, we will send the applicant a connection offer within 10 business days of receiving the application, provided we don’t need any further information. 
  3. You have 45 days to accept the connection offer or request a negotiated connection offer. Once a connection offer has been accepted, it becomes a contract that governs how the property will be connected.
  4. We will send you a National Metering Identifier (NMI) with your connection offer. If you are not already connected to the network, you must use this NMI to enter a contract with an electricity retailer of your choice, before your property can be connected. 
  5. The electricity retailer will notify us and we'll send a job number to you or your representative. 
  6. Using the job number your electrical contractor or ASP2 can request the appropriate metering and your ASP 2 will install it.

Please note, at the same time the connection contract is formed, another contract called Ausgrid’s Deemed Standard Connection Contract is formed between Ausgrid and the retail customer, who is the person who will use the electricity at the premises. This contract takes effect as soon as the property is connected and electricity being used.

Altered connections

For existing connections that are being altered, a contract with an electricity retailer is generally already in place. A job number will be sent to you to allow your ASP or electrical contractor to request the appropriate metering for your premises and your ASP2 to install it.