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The grid has a critical central role in facilitating energy flows in the future energy mix and providing customers with greater choice and control of their energy use.

To do this we are prudently investing in the transformation of our network to more easily allow us to incorporate distributed energy resources and optimise the network in real time. Ausgrid has an important role to play in encouraging customers to invest in renewable technologies and developing the grid for the energy mix of the future. In the shorter term we are continuing to make it easier for residential customers to install solar panels and batteries by streamlining our connection processes. Through these initiatives, we are playing our part in implementing the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap developed by Energy Networks Australia and CSIRO.

We are also implementing demand management solutions to incentivise solar and battery uptake and encourage investment in energy efficiency where it reduces the need for network investment.

Network Innovation Advisory Committee (NIAC)

To support active consumer engagement in this process, we have established of a Network Innovation Advisory Committee (NIAC) to place our customers at the centre of investment decisions as we transform our network.

The purpose of the Network Innovation Advisory Committee (NIAC) is to place the customer at the centre of investment decisions as we transform our network. This will ensure that our network becomes one that supports efficient investment and greater choice and control, things that customers expect from a network of the future. The NIAC puts in place formal arrangements to give customers a role in driving our innovation investment program and provides a forum for Ausgrid to collaborate with consumers in deciding the future direction of the network.

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