Ausgrid Partners with Neara


16 December 2021

Ausgrid Partners with Neara to Optimise Network Management and Performance

Ausgrid has partnered with Neara, a leading cloud-based utilities analytics platform, to improve grid reliability and resiliency, and optimise the operational efficiency of its network.

Neara will work with Ausgrid to build a 3D ‘digital twin’ of the entire Ausgrid network. The digital twin will combine 3D spatial visualisation with full engineering-grade analytics functionality, which will enable Ausgrid staff to design and monitor poles and wires remotely, rather than on site, resulting in improved efficiency for customers.

Ausgrid General Manager of Asset Management Junayd Hollis said Ausgrid is committed to delivering affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions for customers now and in the future, while minimising its impact on the environment and actively responding to climate change.

“We are investing in digital innovation to evolve our network’s ability to support the energy mix of the future, including accelerated adoption of renewable generation and distributed energy resources,” Mr Hollis said.

“In Neara we have found a partner which understands and shares our ambitions and has the expertise to build and scale a solution which will enable a more resilient and optimised network for our customers, particularly in the face of climate change and more extreme weather events.”

Junayd Hollis, Ausgrid General Manager of Asset Management

Neara Chief Commercial Officer Jack Curtis said Neara will also deploy a broad spectrum of physics-enabled use cases to optimise vegetation management, identify and remediate at-risk assets, prioritise maintenance tasks and optimise network design, operation and interaction.

“We look forward to partnering with Ausgrid to enhance their existing network activities and support their vision for a reliable grid in the face of increasing environmental challenges, and in the rapid transition to a cleaner energy mix,” Mr Curtis said

About Neara

Neara is a cloud-based engineering analytics platform that delivers a true digital twin for utilities to tackle their most complex problems. Neara converts raw data into a 3D interactive model in a physics-enabled environment. This allows utilities to perform complex engineering analysis, run scenario simulations such as extreme weather events, and assess risks at-scale. Through large scale analysis and actionable insights, utilities can optimise the performance of their whole-of-network and network assets. Founded in 2016 in Sydney, Australia, Neara’s mission is to bring safety and resiliency to global energy infrastructure in an increasingly unstable climate. For more information visit: