Dural electricity towers removed

4 June 2020

Ausgrid crews are continuing critical work across the electricity network during the COVID-19 pandemic, including completing a major project to replace two aged electricity towers in Dural to ensure a continued reliable supply of power.

The towers support one of the longest high voltage powerlines in Sydney, which supplies power to more than 70,000 homes and businesses from Galston to Homebush.

Last year two new steel poles were installed near Parklea Close and Quarry Road in Dural to replace two aged towers which were built in the 1960s.

Crews have now safely completed the complex operation of dismantling and removing the two old towers.

The job involved working at heights as both of the towers were more than 40 metres tall.

Overhead lineworkers are required to climb each tower with other lineworkers assisting from an elevated work platform to attach a crane to the tower.

Sections of the tower were carefully unbolted before the crane safely lowered each smaller section of the tower back to the ground where they were cut up and taken away to be recycled.

The dismantling process was completed safely in just two days.

Image: Ausgrid lineworkers using a crane to dismantle a 1960s electricity tower in Dural