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19 October 2022 

Ausgrid launches to increase safety literacy during National Safe Work month.

Ausgrid has today launched, a website dedicated to safety practices around electricity in the home, worksites, and emergency response situations.

In an industry first, Ausgrid launched the dedicated safety website as part of National Safe Work month after more than 12 months of development. The site aims to be a one – stop – shop on all things safety around electricity, highlighting common and not so common risks that we all encounter every day.

Ausgrid’s Chief Customer Officer Rob Amphlett Lewis said the website’s main objective is bring together all the various sources of information, facts, rules, do’s and don’ts into one dedicated resource, available to everyone.

“Safety is a core value at Ausgrid, we live and breathe it every day. We also see that it is part of our role in the community to share what we know, educate the young and the old on how to safety live and work around electricity,” Mr Amphlett Lewis said.

With electricity literally powering almost every part of our day to day lives, it can be easy to become complacent, or simply not notice what is right in front of you. The sad reality is, it is often not something we think about until it goes horribly wrong.

Chief Customer Officer, Rob Amphlett Lewis

“That’s why it was important to us to make a dedicated resource, available to everyone, providing valuable, lifesaving information,” Mr Amphlett Lewis said.

Ausgrid’s Health and Safety General Manager, Paul Jones said: “Each year in Australia, there around 20 deaths from electrocution, plus many others who are left with a range of life changing injuries. Half of these, sadly, happen at home. And while workplace standards and practices have come along way, electrocution is still the second leading cause of death in the construction industry.

“We want to change that. We want to continue a conversation that encourages us all to be safer around electricity every day. We believe having readily accessible information in one location, available to everyone is a great place to start,” Mr Jones said.

The new website,, provides information from across the industry on electrical safety in the home, for emergency personnel who may find themselves in dangerous situations, and for construction and trade workers who come across electrical hazards in their jobs.

The website is available to all Australian’s, not just Ausgrid customers. Visit now at for more information.