Electricity Safety Week 2022


Ausgrid 2022 Electricity Safety Week Hero

5 September 2022

Electricity Safety Week: Ausgrid returns to NSW schools to teach kids about electricity safety

Volunteers from Ausgrid will be back in primary schools to present potentially lifesaving lessons to as part of Electricity Safety Week 2022 which begins today.

The program, which has been held virtually for two years during the pandemic, has returned to primary schools this year, to teach children how to stay safe around electricity. 805 primary schools have registered for the program, representing 93% of primary schools in the Ausgrid network.

Ausgrid’s Chief Customer Officer, Rob Amphlett Lewis said the lessons provide a vital introduction to electrical safety for primary school aged kids to help them understand the dangers they may come across.

After two years of virtual learning, we’re really excited to be back in schools teaching kids about electricity safety. A team of volunteers from across Ausgrid will talk to students about dangerous hazards such as fallen powerlines and overloaded power points, and what they should do if they see an electrical hazard,

Chief Customer Officer, Rob Amphlett Lewis

Ausgrid staff will visit primary schools in Ausgrid’s network who have registered to take part in this year’s event, which runs from 5th to the 9th September.

Ausgrid Director of Strategic Projects Jessica Hui, who has volunteered to visit primary schools to teach electricity safety for 6 years said, “It’s really important that we teach kids the importance of electricity safety so they can share this knowledge with their family and friends, and carry those lessons with them into later life.

I’ve volunteered for this program for many years, as sharing my knowledge about electricity is an opportunity to get involved with the communities we work in. It is such a rewarding experience and the kids are always so curious and excited to learn more about electricity,

Director of Strategic Projects, Jessica Hui

You can find out more about Electricity Safety Week, and download teaching resources at