Installation of Indigenous Student Artwork on Kiosk


10 February 2022 

Installation of Indigenous Student Artwork on Kiosk

Whilst our kiosks are usually painted green, one kiosk in Kingsgrove shines a little brighter thanks to a community project between St Ursula’s College and Ausgrid.

Last year, St Ursula’s College approached Ausgrid, looking to apply artwork to a kiosk adjacent to the school’s Indigenous Garden. Whilst this was a first for Ausgrid, we were committed to find a solution given the value this project provided to the school community as well as recognising the traditional owners of this land.

The artwork was developed by Aboriginal students, under the guidance of Indigenous leaders during Reconciliation Week 2021. The design focuses on the Indigenous plants and their role in the cultural life of the traditional inhabitants of this land. The kiosk now complements the space, which includes a yarning circle made of sandstone blocks, surrounded by Indigenous plants chosen because they were used by the local traditional owners of the land.

Promoting inclusion and diversity in our communities is important to Ausgrid. One of the five UN Sustainable Development Goals we're aligned to is around ‘sustainable cities and communities and we believe for our communities to be sustainable, they must recognise and celebrate their diversity.

We are proud to support the local community we serve, and we are looking at how we can support additional artwork projects in the future.

Thank you to Bayside Council for their support of this project.

You can visit the artwork in front of St Ursula’s College at 69 Caroline St, Kingsgrove NSW.