Make sure your lights sparkle safely this Christmas

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Light up and stay safe this Christmas

20 November 2018

With December upon us many people will be unpacking their Christmas decorations and lights this weekend and Ausgrid is reminding them to take some simple safety precautions.

Chief Operating Officer Trevor Armstrong said the first thing people should do is to inspect any electrical displays to ensure they are safe before they’re switched on.

“For most of us our lights have been packed away in storage for the past year, so it is important to check the cords and bulbs thoroughly for any damage before plugging them in.

“You need to look closely for things like frayed cords and broken bulbs and always turn the power off before replacing any bulbs”, Mr Armstrong said.

Every year we see dazzling light displays on the exterior of homes but all those lights can present some hidden dangers.

“If you’re using a ladder to decorate the outside of your home remember to make sure it’s set up on flat, stable ground, don’t climb past the second-last rung and always look up for overhead wires and stay well clear of them at all times.

“Never attach lights or decorations directly to or close to the service wires which run between your property and power poles in your street as these wires are carrying live electricity and you could be injured”, he said.

It’s also important to ensure your light display doesn’t create an electrical or fire hazard.

“For outdoor displays, make sure you only use lights designed for outside use and when attaching lights to your home only use tape cable ties or clamps, never use nails.

“Check you have a safety switch in your meter box and make sure your smoke detectors are working.

“If you are using extension cords make sure they are fully unrolled to keep them from overheating and don’t overload powerpoints or powerboards by piggy-backing double adaptors”, he said.
You should also switch off and unplug your Christmas lights when it rains or before leaving home or going to bed.

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree there are some simple tips to ensure it is done safely.

“Check where your powerpoints are before putting your tree up and ensure any extension cords, power boards and adaptors are out of reach of children.

“Put your lights on the tree first and then the other decorations and make sure tinsel and other metallic ornaments aren’t touching the lights or any power boards or sockets as this can create a hazard,” Mr Armstrong said.

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