2019 Sustainability Report

2019 Sustainability Report

Sustainability at Ausgrid means operating in a safe, responsible manner that will enable us to deliver affordable, reliable and clean energy choices to our customers now and in the future.

We are pleased to be publishing our first Sustainability Report reflecting our new business, which puts customers at the centre of our business, as we undertake the sustainable energy transition.

This Sustainability Report communicates transparent information and facts on our progress towards: how we are responding and developing to be a sustainable organisation and what we are doing to address the issues that are material to our business and the successful delivery of our services.

Building trust takes time and it is our intent and wish through this Report and our related Energy Charter Report to share our journey with you.

We know that our customers want to know what we are doing to put our commitment to sustainability into action. This Report provides an opportunity for us to show our customers and communities what we are doing.

Our Report is structured in three sections - our customers and community; our people; and energy solutions. These aspects underpin sustainability for us and play an active role in our transformation to connect communities and empower lives.



✔ 99.986% whole organisation supply availability*

✔ 7 major storms that impacted our network

✔ 88.3% of customers resupplied in under 3 hours after an unplanned outage

✔ Our customer consultative committee formed and helped inform the development of our Regulatory Proposal, and is helping us become a customer focused business

✔ 93% of teachers believed electricity safety activities helped their students be safer around electricity

✔ Newly appointed Chief Customer Officer, who ensures we place the customer at the centre of our business

People Heading

✔ 61 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander descent employees. Doubling in the last 24 months

✔ 41% reduction in recordable injuries in the last 12 months

✔ Successful implementation of the Inclusion and Diversity Council

✔ 100% of employee progression is performance based

✔ 2,538 of our employees completed the Mental Health Workplace Audit

✔ 47 Mental Health coaching sessions conducted

Energy Solutions Header

✔ Helped 17 councils to replace streetlights with LED lamps to make them more energy efficient

✔ Building one of New South Wales largest commercial solar installations

✔ A 1 megawatt virtual power plant trial allowing electricity from 233 customers’ batteries across 170 suburbs to be directed back into the grid

✔ 12,700km of overhead powerline in bushfire prone areas captured on LiDAR

✔ 132,000 solar customers

✔ Ausgrid has developed a target to reduce its carbon emissions 8% by end FY2024

* excludes major event days as defined in our licence conditions