Environmental Sustainability


Ausgrid has a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) that has been accredited to ISO14001 since 1996 and covers 100% of our operations. Our EMS allows us to manage all of our environmental risks in operating, maintaining and building our network. It ensures that we protect vulnerable species and indigenous sites as well as protect our workforce and communities from environmental hazards.

Climate Change

Climate change and how it impacts on our business is of significant importance to Ausgrid. Ensuring that our network is resilient to the physical impacts of climate change and that it does not compromise the safety of our communities during bushfire season, storm events or heatwaves, is a top priority. It is our aim to maintain and develop a resilient network that can operate and meet our customers’ energy needs now and in the future.

To address climate change we are also reducing our own carbon emissions and have set ourselves targets for emissions reduction. The targets are a first for an energy distribution organisation in Australia and demonstrate our commitment to the environment.