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Thank you for contacting Ausgrid. The Ausgrid Contact Centre is open between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  If you have any questions, comments or need further information, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I report a loss of electricity at my property?

To report a loss of supply at your property, or to check known power outages, search for your street or suburb on the power outage map.

Example of an outage area on the Ausgrid outage mapKnown power outages are displayed on the power outage map as an orange outline. The status and estimated restoration time will be displayed when the outage area is tapped. If your property is not within an known outage area, and you have no power, you can report a loss of supply online.Planned power outages are scheduled interruptions to your power supply. These display on the map as blue icons. Please note: For security reasons the map will not display power outages at single properties, so if your power is out, please report it online.

2. I have an electric hot water system and would like Ausgrid to check my relay

You can report a problem with your electric hot water relay through the power outage form.

3. How do I report an issue with a streetlight?

Report a streetlight that isn't working on the streetlight reporting form. Not every streetlight in our area is maintained by us. If you can not find a streetlight on the map, you may need to contact the local council, the RMS for lights on bridges, or your local electricity network business. 

4. How do I let Ausgrid know I am a Life Support Customer?

To register your life support details, please contact your electricity retailer. Your retailer will then provide your details to Ausgrid. Find out more about Life support.

5. Where can I find more information about a planned interruption in my area?

For information on planned power outages in your area check the power outage mapCurrent unplanned outages are highlighted on the map in orange, planned outages show as a blue spanner icon. The information about your outage can be seen by clicking the pin. The map has tabs for both current and future planned interruptions. Find out more about planned interruptions.

6. How do I report a tree that is close to powerlines?

Is the tree making contact with the powerlines?

Removing branches from around powerlines and power poles helps prevent blackouts, bushfires and accidental electrocution. 
Please make a report. Report a problem with poles and wires form

Is the tree growing close to the powerlines or a pole?

We will inspect to determine whether the tree is growing within the minimum clearance distance and trim if required. 
Request a tree trimming inspection

7. I have a question about my electricity bill, can I speak to Ausgrid about it?

Ausgrid are unable to help you understand your electricity invoice. You will need to contact the retailer that has sent the invoice to discuss any question you may have. 

8. My meter reading was an estimated read, how can I organise for my meter to be read?

Estimated meter reads are reconciled when Ausgrid gets access to the meter and the correct data – which is usually at the next scheduled meter read. You should contact your retailer to confirm their policy regarding bill reconciliations or to discuss a special meter read and any associated costs.

9. I have a locked gate at my property. How can I let Ausgrid know?

Meter access information should be provided to your electricity retailer. The retailer will provide this information to Ausgrid.
Special locks can be installed so our meter readers can get access through locked gates. To find out more or order a lock please call 1300 664 582 or visit Integrity Security.

10. I am waiting for my electricity to be reconnected, when will Ausgrid attend?

You should contact your electricity retailer to discuss the request to reconnect supply at your property. The retailer will be able to confirm the status of the Service Order request.

11. Can I organise an appointment for a reconnection or meter read?

You should contact your electricity retailer to make a meter reading appointment. A appointment is not required if there is clear access to the meters at your property.
Ausgrid are unable to offer an appointment for a reconnection of supply.

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