Meet our people

Our employees share some of their experiences while working at Ausgrid in a range of roles.

Simona Dimovski

Project Services Manager

What do you enjoy most about working at Ausgrid

"I am impressed and thankful for the professional work environment at Ausgrid, through which I have learned a lot. I enjoy being part of a team of highly talented people. The organisation allows employees to grow and to challenge themselves at every level. The work culture is family-friendly and promotes a positive work-life balance."

Describe your proudest achievement to date working at Ausgrid?

"In the past year, I have worked on an organisation-wide initiative, leading my team through a number of challenges, and overcoming various obstacles along the way. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I was able to have a positive impact on my team and achieve a better outcome for the future."

Nicholas Mailath

Fleet Specialist - Mechanic and Electronics, Customer & Corporate Services

What do you enjoy most about working at Ausgrid

"What I like best is being part of a cohesive and committed team, its all about the people. Having access to plenty of support and an exceptional pool of knowledge helps immensely as everyone pulls together when there is an issue to solve.

I have recently initiated a team project with the aim of reducing the cost of major inspections by up to 30%. We hope to achieve this by refining the scope of works and resourcing according to individual skill sets while drawing on previous experiences. We are tracking well and I am excited to see an outcome on the horizon."

Describe your proudest achievement to date working at Ausgrid?

"There is no shortage of challenges in the Ausgrid business and I'm proud to be part of a team that continually steps up and continues to push forward. I've had the opportunity to drive many positive changes within our group and have been impressed at each step with the attitudes of my colleagues.

A lot of the changes I've implemented over the last 18 months have been to do with developing a support framework for our people. There have been procedural improvements as well, including improvements in: labour management processes, parts ordering, routine inspections of equipment etc. These have been negotiated through ongoing discussions with stakeholders and employees, so that the benefits are understood and the changes are accepted."

Benjamin Lange

Incident Response Manager

What do you enjoy most about working at Ausgrid?
"I started with Ausgrid 10 years ago on the Graduate Engineer Rotation Program. I have thoroughly enjoyed the broad range of roles and responsibilities that I have worked in during this time and also being part of Ausgrid’s ongoing focus on the advancement of reconciliation together with their strong support of diversity in the workplace. I recently returned from parental leave and, even though I love my first experience of being a parent, I really missed the excitement of my job and the team environment. When needed, employees at Ausgrid really pull together during emergencies and critical incidents on the electricity network."

Describe your proudest achievement to date working at Ausgrid?

"Ausgrid has really supported me in my career and there have been many interesting opportunities. An achievement that comes to mind is when I investigated a number of complex, systemic issues in some of our key assets in the Upper Hunter Region. I particularly enjoyed being involved with pre-bushfire season aerial patrols over the Hunter Valley sites." 

Leslie Franchi

Manager Partner and Program Management

What do you enjoy most about working at Ausgrid?

"At Ausgrid, I have found people like me, who are committed to improving, influencing and looking at new ways to support the business outcomes. There are always new challenges in the changing regulatory and commercial environment, and this has provided me with opportunities to use the varied skills I have developed over my career."

Describe your proudest achievement to date working at Ausgrid? 

"When I started work at Ausgrid, I was asked to help transform ICT processes to increase awareness of the outcomes being delivered. I developed several new processes that have matured over time and continue to provide relevant information to management. I am proud of this achievement - the processes have been sufficiently robust to adapt to changes as the company has progressed."