Operational excellence

We strive for excellence in our operations

We strive for excellence in our operations as we renew, replace and maintain our electricity network. It’s important to us to respect and protect the communities where we operate, and achieve high standards in customer service.

Customer safety

Keeping the community and our workers safe around electricity is our greatest priority. That’s why we deliver substantial programs to secure electricity assets, monitor and inspect electrical work and electrical safety education campaigns.

Detailed research is conducted to help direct our community safety education campaigns. These campaigns are documented each year in our  Public Electrical Safety Awareness Plan.

We also prepare a Customer Safety Installation Plan which outlines how we monitor and check the quality of work undertaken on electrical installations by licenced electrical contractors. Our Bushfire Risk Management Plan sets out how potential bushfire threats are avoided by properly maintaining our electricity network. It also explains how private electrical infrastructure should be maintained near fire prone areas.

Customer reliability

We are investing to renew, replace and maintain our electricity network, to help meet customers' needs and comply with the NSW Government’s reliability licence conditions. Visit our Network supply and services page for more information about how we provide a safe and reliable network.

Vulnerable customers

Ausgrid is committed to helping customers who are experiencing financial difficulty to understand and reduce their energy needs. We offer a range of energy efficiency information and tips on ways to save. Our Financial Hardship policy has been developed to to assist customers who need to pay directly for network services.

Customer disputes

Our Customer Relations team provides a full inquiry service when disputes are raised through the Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWON) NSW. Every dispute is formally recorded and the team works closely with the Ombudsman to ensure an ongoing high standard of customer service.

Supply chain

Ausgrid selects our contractors through an individual tender process for each major project considering the social, environmental and economic impacts of the product or service. We ensure the integrity of our procurement activities through transparent processes and we respect the rights of all suppliers, including confidentiality and the expectation to be treated fairly.

Risk management

Ausgrid has developed an integrated business risk management framework to help identify and assess short and long term risks to our business. This risk management framework covers every facet of our business including strategic, operational, financial and compliance activities.