Customers at the centre

The Customers at the Centre project was designed to provide the insight and data Ausgrid needs to fully understand and measure the customer perspective.This customer perspective will inform Ausgrid’s broader business decisions while also being incorporated into its 2019-2024 Regulatory Submission and the Tariff Structure Statement (TSS). It also will help ensure that Ausgrid’s proposed service levels and pricing structures meet customer expectations.

Phase 1 - Focus Groups

Group discussions with a wide range of customer and stakeholder groups took place in Sydney CBD, Hurstville, Parramatta, Gosford, Newcastle and Singleton. The main objectives of this independent research were to explore and understand customer expectations and preferences and seek their feedback in relation to:

1. Knowledge, interest and attitudes towards electricity;
2. Knowledge and perceptions of Ausgrid;
3. Expectations and preferences for Ausgrid to become a customer-centric distribution company;
4. How Ausgrid can meet customer expectations at specific service touchpoints;
5. A series of initial regulatory proposal concepts; and
6. Communication and engagement preferences.


Phase 2 - Deliberative Forums

Deliberative Forums were held in Newcastle and Sydney on 14-15 June. The main objectives of the deliberative forums were to:

1. Identify customers’ awareness of and expectations about Ausgrid’s long-term focus;
2. Understand customers’ long-term needs and expectations;
3. Educate customers about Ausgrid’s role, its current challenges, and plans, e.g. the move towards cost reflective pricing; 
4. Explore customers’ overarching attitudes to cost reflective pricing and tariff reform;
5. Understand customer attitudes towards changing the fixed vs usage proportions of the network component of their bills;
6. Deliberate on several different options for managingpeaks in network demand.


Future Phases

Future phases will survey and evaluate customers' long term interests and the impacts of proposed tariff structures.