School holiday safety

Published at 06/12/2016

School holidays are just around the corner and Ausgrid is asking parents, carers and school teachers to remind their children of some simple electricity rules so they enjoy a safe summer.

Ausgrid’s General Manager for Safety Kirsten Watson said all family members should remember to keep a safe distance from the electricity network.

“The summer break is a great time to be out and about in the neighbourhood and around the home,” Ms Watson said.

“It’s important we all remember that electricity can jump. You don’t have to touch a powerline for it to be fatal.

“Set up trampolines away from powerlines and easements and look up to check for live wires when you are flying kites or kicking balls. We also need to remind children not to climb trees near powerlines.

“If you are doing some DIY or home maintenance, keep ladders clear of powerlines including the service wire and its point of attachment to your home.”

Ausgrid works to make sure its network is safe by securing substations and trimming trees growing close to powerlines.

The network operator also hosts Electricity Safety Week each year to help educate students on the dangers of electricity.

“Electricity itself is invisible and it can be easy to forget it’s there, running through powerlines and substations,” Ms Watson said.

“If you see anyone climbing a substation fence or trying to retrieve a ball or another item from a substation, please call us immediately on 13 13 88. We all need to be vigilant in reminding each other to steer well clear of electrical equipment.”

Follow these simple steps to keep you and your children safe this summer:

  • Look up when playing or working outdoors
  • Obey warning signs - Danger, Keep Out and High Voltage all mean stay away;
  • Call us on 13 13 88 if you lose something over the fence of a substation. We'll get it for you;
  • Steer clear of green boxes on local streets - they are small substations and contain live electrical equipment;
  • Storms, strong winds and bushfires can bring down powerlines. Always assume they are live, stay away and report it to us immediately on 13 13 88.